Drone Guide

Your Drone Kit comes with:

  • Motors (4)
  • Extension Wires (4)
  • Board (1)
  • Gears (4)
  • Propellers (4)
  • Screws (12)
  • Bushings (8)
  • Controller (1)
  • Battery (1)
  • Charger (1)

The Step-by-step guide

After you download your preferred files, follow the instructions in the step by step guide to assemble the drone.

Printing the files

Download the files for your preferred drone body style. Each download includes the STL files and the G-Codes. The G-Codes include all the recommended print settings for each specific file.

Stealth body
Recommended print settings
Fighter body
Recommended print settings
Shooter body
Recommended print settings
Shooter body with lego base
Recommended print settings