Drone Kit

$ 99.99

Everything you need to build your own 3D printed drone

  • Lightweight design for maximum flight time
  • No glue required for assembly
  • All wires are hidden
  • Removable battery, fits 240mAh & 500mAh battery

Whats in the box

Every kit includes instructions, hardware, and 3D printable files. Once you receive your kit, print the 3D files for your project, assemble with the included hardware, and enjoy.

Included with this kit: Assembly instructions, 3D printable files, motors, electronics board, wiring, remote, battery, charger, gears, screws, bushings and props.

Customize your drone

Choose from 3 different body styles. Print any body you want, or print more than one and swap them out.

Stealth body
Fighter body
Shooter body

Step-by-Step guide

Every kit includes an easy to follow step by step guide that will walk you through everything you need to know to build your drone.